Friday, July 4, 2008

Hello Napa, Happy 4th of July!

Thursday evening's Chef's Market provided a wonderful opportunity to offer a "sneak peek" of our new gallery space. Rather than open the doors, we invited select people to step in and enjoy a limited display. Two of the ten rooms are adorned and the next few days will have us busy completing the other rooms.

We officially opened the gallery this morning at 10:30. Happy Fourth of July! Everyone has been very complimentary of both the art and our new surroundings. We've already enjoyed more people in the gallery today than we would see in a week in Burlingame. In fact, two of our first visitors were from Burlingame and had never been in the gallery while we were located there.

In addition to enjoying Independence Day, today's tasks involve installing a rather stubborn pocket door, un-crating and hanging paintings and a plethora of details. This evening we look forward to celebrating our opening with a fireworks display courtesy of the city of Napa. :)


Ruthie B said...

Congratulations, Quent and Linda. I can feel the pulse of your new location, even through the pictures you share. How much more dramatic it must be to be able to walk the floor of your new home.

Anonymous said...
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