Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Good News...No Snooze

Over the last several weeks we have only taken a day off here or there, and now that the doors are open, we scheduled yesterday as our first official day off and closed the gallery. I'm not sure what Quent had planned, but I was looking forward to a day of jammies, movies and lounging. Mix in a little reading, a nap and maybe a mani-pedi and voila, instant revitalized Linda. Ok, yes that seems like a lot to squeeze into a relaxing day, but it would likely be another week before I got another one so I had to make the best of it.

The day turned out a bit differently than I planned. Tuesday morning when I rolled out of bed, Quent greeted me with a cup of coffee and a newspaper. As it turned out, the local Napa Valley Register had decided to place us on the front page of Tuesday's edition. to work we went. The employees had the day off since we were supposed to be closed, so it was Mr. and Mrs. Cordair, side by side, all day. Thanks for being there Babe! We enjoyed a fair amount of foot traffic as a result of the article and the traffic has been pretty good again today.

Today's gallery pic is of our lovely "Carefree." She stands outside the gallery welcoming those who pause and contemplate a stroll through the gallery. She has been a very popular and patient model for those who have posed with her to have their picture taken. More than one dog out for a walk has barked at her in frustration when she will not move or respond to them. Thank you Karl Jensen for such beautiful work. We love "her" and it appears that Napa loves "her" too.

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