Wednesday, July 9, 2008

All Work, No Play...No Way

Today we took a day off (the first one in a long time) and enjoyed a round of golf with one of our new friends and area merchants. We were joined by his 16 year old step-son who is visiting from Italy. A good time was had by all and the post-round refreshments were especially good in the 99 degree heat. It was not my best round, but I will say that I made it through 18 holes having lost only one golf ball. :)

For those of you who are far more interested in news about the new gallery:

Yesterday we managed to finish hanging the majority of the art. It may very well be a long time before I volunteer to move the gallery again. What a job this has been! Have I told you lately how wonderful it looks? Seriously, each day I marvel at what we have accomplished. There are still many details to complete but we are very happy with our progress thus far.

We were interviewed by the Napa Valley Register (local paper) yesterday and the photographer will be by in the morning to capture history. Let the fun continue. To quote one of my favorite television commercials, "...I'm too excited to sleep." :) Ergo the late night post.

While I do not have any golf photos to share, I happily give you yet another glimpse of the church of Cordair. Enjoy! We hope that you will visit soon and remember that if you can't make it to Napa, we'll be more than happy to send a little Napa your way. Enjoy the art online at


Sara said...

Ha! Congratulations on nearing the finish line of such a tremendous undertaking. I love the blog - please keep writing about your trials and triumphs! We'd be happy to share 'communion' with you anytime. Any openings in your busy schedule in Sept or Oct? I hope we get to see you soon. Thanks for all your hard work - you two are the best!


Linda Cordair said...

We would love to have you visit; there's always room for Larsens! Or is that Jello? :)
Thank you too for all of your support. The adventure continues!