Friday, July 18, 2008

Another Milestone

Thursday afternoon we took another step towards making Napa our official home. After months of preparation, perspiration and even a little trepidation, Quent and I celebrated our new location with a ribbon cutting ceremony surrounded by our new friends and business acquaintances. We hope to have a Grand Opening event later in the year after we have completed all of the details that remain on our to-do list. This event was the city's way of welcoming us to downtown.

Each day it seems like the number of tourists grows, which is a welcome site. Although, I'm almost convinced that the price of gas alone is affecting the amount of foot traffic in downtown. Area merchants have confirmed that things are definitely slower than usual and that the number of visitors from elsewhere in California is down compared to this time last year. I am however, optimistic that we will still enjoy a very busy summer.

This afternoon a gentleman in his 80's took rest on one of our comfy sofas while the two ladies that he was with wandered through the gallery. He motioned that I should come over. "Young Lady," he said (I loved that part), "you may not believe me, but I have never been one to appreciate art. Today, that changed. As you can see, I am not a young man, but sitting here looking at these two beautiful paintings, (Deliberation and Rendezvous) I feel young again. What beauties they are and what talent it took to create them. Thank you for being here and for making an old man smile. "

I have nothing that can follow that. :)

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