Saturday, July 12, 2008


Since opening our doors seven days ago, we have enjoyed a plethora of positive comments from both Napans and tourists. Comments such as the very popular "wow," "this is incredible" and "thank you so much for bringing this gallery to Napa" are just a few of the many accolades that we have heard this week.

Prior to our arrival, the space was most recently occupied by a baby-furniture store, before that a book store and the original occupant for almost 30 years was the Napa Toy Shop. We have enjoyed sharing memories with the locals who grew up here in Napa and were recipients of many a gift from the toy store or who often spent their allowances right here in this very building. Yesterday, I enjoyed a visit from the owner of the toy store. She seemed very pleased with the changes that we have made and shared a few stories about the history of this location. At one point she was near tears as she wished us good luck and said that she would tell her friends about the wonderful new gallery in downtown, I invited her to participate in our ribbon-cutting ceremony on Thursday and told her that we had plans for a holiday tribute to the toy store for our window displays. I have been actively seeking Napans who still have toys that they received or purchased from the toy store with hopes of borrowing them for a Christmas display.

Last night was the first evening where we stayed open until 10pm to allow the pre and post dinner traffic to enjoy the art. The gallery is especially beautiful and highly visible after dark. The vibrant colors against the sandstone walls are impossible to miss when viewed from outside. The walk-in traffic was good and we enjoyed the oohs and ahs from our evening guests as they wandered into the light. One woman exclaimed that the gallery "took her breath away" and that she looked forward to visiting the "new jewel in Napa" often.


Steve said...

I guess it's official now, I *have* to come to the gallery now. (And probably leave something in the collection plate.)

Fredric Hamber said...

OMG !! The Napa Toy Shop was part of my childhood. Eight years old and I ratted out my best friend for shoplifting. His mom was angry at him: "... and you've just had your First Communion." I didn't realize that's the location you found. Can't wait to visit. I'll be up there this weekend or next. Will phone you later.