Saturday, July 19, 2008


Sometimes you know when something wonderful is going to happen, and the mere anticipation can have you behaving like a child at Christmas. We celebrated our own little Christmas in July this week when the much awaited "Deliberation" by Bryan Larsen arrived. She had been perfectly crated, and it appeared that the shippers had paid mind to the fragile stickers that called for special handling. I carefully removed each of the 3 dozen or so wood screws, knowing that each brought me closer to the moment I had been waiting for since March.

Quent and I had the pleasure, no make that honor, of visiting Bryan, Sara and Asher Larsen in their home earlier this year. While there, Bryan treated us to a sneak peek of "Deliberation" yet unfinished in his studio. There among the brushes, easels and paint was a site to behold. A vision so lovely despite its being incomplete. For me, it was love at first site. This was to become one of my favorite paintings ever and I know the artist! How cool is that? Thank you Bryan Larsen for creating and creating and creating. :)

I already had a spot reserved for "her" prior to her arrival. An alcove right next to the area where I often write these posts, greet gallery guests and return e-mail. She keeps me company and reminds me how wonderful life is and how much there is to enjoy. Sitting next to the painting, I find myself remembering to breathe and relax in the midst of our very full schedules and daily agendas. There has been much deliberating for us these days, both as we've created this beautiful gallery and as we continue to make major changes in our lives with respect to our Napa relocation. "Deliberation" is an ideal moment in time. Whoever purchases this painting is in for a lifetime of joy and inspiration and maybe an occasional guest. ;)


Michelle Weedon said...

This is the painting he was working on when we visited his house, correct? It turned out beautiful.

C. August said...

I followed Bryan's progress on his blog as he was painting it, and fell in love with it too. I wish I could see it in person. But knowing that it's hanging in the gallery and people like you and the old gentleman on the couch (from your earlier post) are getting so much out of seeing it is comforting in some way. Almost like it didn't quite seem real until I saw a photo of it hanging on someone's wall.