Monday, May 24, 2010

Don't forget to vote for us; there are only a few days left!

We're still in first place but another gallery is hot on our tail. You can guarantee that our gallery gets the recognition that it deserves by casting you vote today!

And, there will be a great big "Thank You" in it for you too!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Art, Wine & Fun

One of the many things that they know how to do well in the Napa Valley is celebrate life! That's why living and relocating the gallery here was such a good idea. It is truly a perfect fit.

Last summer a friend convinced me to try Twitter. With my hands already full, I argued that I really did not need anything else in my life that was going to take precious time away from what was already a very full plate. "Just try it" was but the beginning. I tried it and I liked it; very much! What a wonderful way to "reach out and touch someone." Many of you are too young (I can't believe I said that) to remember the old telephone jingle "Reach out, reach out and touch someone." One tweet led to another and then to another and now I have "Tweeted" over 4000 times! Often it is about the gallery but sometimes it is just a random comment about what I am up to, where I am going or a reply to another user's tweet. Every day I tweet at least one work of art as the "Art Du Jour" QCFA style, an uplifting new arrival in the gallery and sometimes an old favorite.

Tweeting eventually led to TweetUps which are social media events where those who tweet can get together, meet, socialize & promote their businesses. What do most people in the Napa Valley tweet about? Wine of course! What goes great with wine? Art! I noticed these TweetUps being held around the valley and thought it would be fun to have one in the gallery. I did and it was! So much so, that we have now had four of these social media events in the gallery, with each one bringing in around 100 guests. Each month we feature a particular kind of wine at the event. Our last TweetUp was held on May 6 and was all about Chardonnay. Everyone brought with them at least one bottle of Chardonnay to share and tweet about while surrounded by the largest and best art collection in the Napa Valley. Can you say fun? Next month's event is Jun 9 and the theme is Celebrate Rose'.

If you think you might enjoy following my posts, follow me @CordairGallery. And if you are tweeting in our area, here is an invitation to our next TweetUp. Cheers!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Best Wine Country Art Gallery - Vote For Us, Our Artists and Our Beautiful Gallery

Moving to Napa was one of the smartest things we've ever done. What a wonderful place. We have made some wonderful friends, created an amazing gallery space and feel more and more at home every day.

Our efforts to be the best and most beautiful art gallery in Napa have not gone unnoticed. The San Francisco Chronicle has an annual "Best of" contest and we have been nominated for Best Wine Country Art Gallery. We are currently in first place and would really love to stay there. You can vote for us too at

There is a great comment section under the ballot too. Feel free to sing our praises there and copy and paste them as comments here on the blog if you're so inclined. We'll just love you even more for it. ;-)