Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Sunday brought us among many wonderful things, friends and fans from our Burlingame location. We were honored to have Dave, Portia & Paul spend part of their afternoon enjoying a beautiful new surroundings. We are also starting to enjoy repeat guests, which is a real compliment. The word is out; the Cordairs are in town.

This week we will be working on many details in preparation for Thursday's ribbon-cutting ceremony. With the last of the art now here from Burlingame, the finishing touches are in the works. New elegant tags accompany each work of art, the comfy sofas are in place and at this very moment, the incredible voice of Pavaratti adds the perfect touch as we welcome more
visitors today.

We know that you can't all make it here to celebrate with us this week. We encourage you to
visit the gallery on line and celebrate your life with uplifting art. Let us know if there is a special piece that you would like to own and we'll put it aside for you before one of the tourists buys it.

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