Saturday, August 30, 2008

Summer Nights

The beginning of what we hope will be a very busy season in Napa is upon us. While it has been very warm during the day, (my apologies to those of you who live in Las Vegas) we are enjoying some beautiful summer nights. It has been perfect weather for evening strolls, dining on the terrace or walking to an amazing art gallery in downtown Napa. :) Seriously, you'd have a hard time finding more pleasant evenings than the ones that we have been enjoying lately. Being from Burlingame, where an evening stroll in the summer required a jacket or sweater, Napa continues to delight us. In an effort to cool things down a little, I have designed a new gallery window display featuring Quent's "Autumn" and Danielle's "Les Filles D' Avignon" to celebrate the approach of fall. "Autumn" is available as a limited-edition print on canvas and "Les Filles De Avignon" is available in three sizes; 26", 36" and 5'6".

This evening, we will be open late, and look forward to the tourists dropping in on their way to or from dinner. Our little corner of the neighborhood is delightfully diverse. Besides fabulous art, Ceja's tasting salon and wine bar is across the street, as is Ben and Jerry's ice cream store. Cafe Cicero is on the opposite corner and our friend Bernie Zipp's store, Accents Napa Valley,(I'm still trying to convince him that he needs a web site) is two doors down. So come visit us; wine, dine, shop and enjoy dessert all on one corner. Afterwards, stroll down one of the many lovely tree lined streets to one of Napa's lovely historical bed and breakfast inns. They're expecting you, we already told them that you would be visiting soon.

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