Friday, August 22, 2008

Looking Good!

This week we took another step towards becoming a fixture in downtown Napa. Quent added our exterior signage which looks quite wonderful. We may eventually add a logo to the left, but for now, people approaching from down and across the street will be able to identify that there is a fine art gallery on the corner of First and Randolph.

Beneath the signage, in the window, you can almost make out our Olympic tribute featuring three of Danielle Anjou's Olympian sculptures. Special recognition is being given to Michael Phelps, who is centered in front of the American flag and is surrounded by eight gold medals. Due to reflections from across the street, I have yet to get a good picture, but have I plans to try again this evening. If all goes well, I'll post it here.

Yesterday, Napa resident, Donny Robinson, earned a bronze medal in the Olympic BMX competition in Bejing. Congratulations Donny!


Fredric said...

That painting of Quent with Power Drill is wonderful--Bryan Larsen just gets better all the time. I actually thought it was a photo at first. I love the shade of blue he chose for the sky.

Linda said...

How do you know that I did not paint that one? Unless of course you have seen my doodles. ;)