Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sarah's Summer Visit

We just enjoyed a month-long visit with our daughter Sarah, who is 22. She took a break from hot and rainy central Florida to hang out with us in beautiful, dry and sunny Napa. The first two weeks she had her boyfriend Eddie with her. It was Eddie's first trip to Napa, so we made sure that he enjoyed a proper tourist experience. The last two weeks, Sarah and I squeezed in as much mother/daughter time as we could manage considering my busy gallery schedule.

One of Sarah's favorite works in the gallery is "How Far We've Come" by Bryan Larsen. She enjoys the uplifting nature of the painting and considers the painting a window to the future. I love watching her enjoy it when she spends time in the gallery. She is also a big fan of "Deliberation." She was flattered when several gallery guests asked her if she modeled for the painting. We should have taken a picture of her with the painting to share with Bryan. We'll have to do that next time.

One of Sarah's favorite summer activities in Napa is our weekly Chef's Market. If Sarah were still here, she would be across the street from the gallery tonight purchasing her favorite Armenian Cucumbers. I would love to send her some, but who knows what they would look like, much less what they would taste like by the time they arrived in Florida.
Here is a picture of this week's crop, just for you Sarah. By the way, Mark (the produce guy), says hi and wants to know when you'll be back for more.

If you have never tasted one of these striped Armenian delights, and you can find one, Sarah and I highly recommend them. They are crunchy, light and very flavorful. Something tells me that Sarah may be back for more before the season is over.

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