Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday To Us Too!

Today is a special day indeed! As our country pauses to celebrate the adoption of our Declaration of Independence, Quent and I enjoy additional reasons to raise our glasses. One year ago today, after many months of hard work and a few sleepless nights, we opened the doors to our Napa location and enjoyed our own 4th of July parade into 1301 First Street. Downtown Napa had never seen anything so beautiful. Later that evening we joined our new neighbors for some fireworks and toasted our success with a glass of Ceja Vineyards finest. Standing there watching the sky fill with color, I had time to reflect on how much this day has always meant to me and the wonderful new meaning that we had added that day.

It has been 14 years since Quent began his quest to bring Romantic Realism back to the forefront of the art community where it belongs. From a small studio on the San Francisco peninsula that he rented to complete "Lunch Break", came an opportunity to market not only his art, but art that was being created by some of his friends. Several years later, along came a woman who fell in love with the Man and his gallery. Three guesses who that was. ;) I decided that the world needed to know about this incredible place and the art within it. Two years later we would double the size of the gallery, expanding into the newly vacated space next door. Three more years and it was time to spread our wings again as we began plans to expand the gallery once more.

After months of searching the country and our hearts for the perfect location, we found opportunity just up the road in Napa. This quiet little town in the heart of California's wine country was on the verge of something wonderful; positive growth. Two new luxury hotels were under construction as well as two major high-end retail projects. Our gallery would be the perfect fit with the romance of the Napa Valley and a wonderful destination for our clients from around the world.

So here we are in downtown Napa celebrating fourteen years of providing the world with the Finest Romantic Realism and our first full year in Napa. In the past seven years we have expanded our business twice, gotten married, relocated our business and moved to the wine country. Happy Fourth of July America and Happy Fourth of July to us!

I love you Quent! Thank you for the adventure of a lifetime!


Derek said...

Hi Linda and Quent.

Congratulations, Happy Birthday and Thank You both! is easily one of my most visited sites on the net. I use it for inspiration almost daily. I tell as many people as I can about your site and the great artists often!

My copy of "Young Builder" hangs in my kitchen. I love to look at it every morning while I make my daughters breakfast.

I can't wait to purchase more.

My girls and I will definitely making the journey to Napa in the future.

Continued success in year 2!

Derek Stewart

Anonymous said...

Merrilee and I have been happy customers & friends for most of those 14 years. Our house is filled with treasures we got from Quent & Linda. Although we're sorry they left our area, we're very proud of them and their beautiful new place in Napa.

Warren & Merrilee