Saturday, April 3, 2010

Finishing Touches!

It took a while, but it was worth the wait. Our new logos have been installed on the exterior of the gallery. Created by the one and only Quent Cordair, our beautiful friend anchors the gallery name and adds a touch of elegance to our downtown Napa location.

With her face up-stretched, she warms herself in the Napa sun and sets a tone for the lovely art to be found inside. Nothing abstract, nothing impressionistic, just uplifting & inspirational, life-affirming art. Romantic Realism at its very best!

The signs were created by one of our new Napa friends and gallery enthusiasts, Toby Gewertz. Toby owns MetalFormz,, in Napa and specializes in metal design & fabrication for both commercial & residential use.

Our gallery is located on a busy corner in downtown Napa. Having the signage complete on both sides of the building should help us attract the attention of passers by, both on foot and by car. I think it looks great and I am very happy to have made another positive step towards becoming a landmark in our new Napa Valley home.

Next step, better lighting for our exterior signage! :) Stay tuned.


Dave Kurdelski said...

Congratulations Linda and Quent! Can't wait to see it next time I'm there.

Steve D said...

Likewise--and I will be there mid-September! I was wondering if you were planning to put the logo out there.