Saturday, March 20, 2010

Springing Forth with New Ideas

The rains have ceased for the most part and the Napa Valley is bright with the color of mustard blossoms. Bud breaks are beginning to appear on what were dormant vines and the tourists are returning to help us drink the many barrels of wine that have been patiently aging in cool dark places. Someone pinch me; I live in Napa!

See what I mean? This beautiful picture was taken by one of my new Napa friends, Bob McClenahan. He is a very talented photographer and fellow wine enthusiast. Check out some of his favorite shots on his web site.

Yes it's true. As you can tell by a lack of recent posts, I have been cheating on my blog by experimenting with some other forms of social media these days. (blush) As you know, we are always looking for more ways to tell the world about our amazing gallery and the wonderfully talented artists that we represent. In an effort to find those who share our passion, I spend a considerable amount of time on line researching various forms of marketing and advertising possibilities. In spite of being encouraged by several web savvy friends, I swore off Twitter for the longest time. I finally succumbed to the peer pressure and now I find myself completely immersed in this, the most recent phenomenon in social media. Armed with my laptop or my iPhone, I am now in near constant touch with people near and far, sharing thoughts, ideas and marketing strategies.

Follow & be followed is the primary premise. Read 140 character or less quips by people you find interesting, follow news, see what your friends are up to etc. On the flip side you can post comments, share thoughts, keep track of your friends, promote your business and so on. So far I have posted nearly 2300 times. Who knew I had so much to say? lol

We have hosted some very successful Twitter events (Tweetups) in the gallery, with plans for more. The next one is scheduled for April 1. We expect around 100 people from all over the Napa Valley to attend. They will be here to meet their fellow Tweeps, network, drink wine and of course, enjoy the art. If you're close by, a Tweeter and would like to attend, here is the invitation. The event promises to be a lot of fun.

You can follow me on Twitter via CordairGallery. If you're already a friend and/or interesting, chances are that I will follow you back. I have made a lot of wonderful new friends since venturing into Twitter land and have found some new art customers too.

Here's to social media and to spreading the word about our sunlit world. Cheers! >clink<

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