Friday, September 11, 2009

"A New Height" by Bryan Larsen, Remembering the WTC

Like most of us, I remember exactly where I was on 9/11. Living in Florida at the time, I was busy at work when someone came in into the office from the break room with the news. The rest of the day was spent watching in horror as the day's events unfolded.

Shortly before that tragic day, a wonderful artist named Bryan Larsen, completed a painting that featured a dashing young architect taking pride in his greatest masterpiece. In "A New Height" the World Trade Center is featured prominently in the painting. (follow the link to see the entire painting) The original oil on linen was purchased very quickly, after which Bryan Larsen made a limited number of signed and numbered prints on canvas available. In an effort to make this image available to almost anyone, Bryan even offered a poster of the painting. It was obvious that people would need and want something positive to remember these beautiful buildings and those who lost their lives in the attack. A limited number of these prints are still available.

On September 14, 2001, my husband Quent, wrote a profound letter to our friends, family and associates. The letter is posted on our web site just below the image of the painting. Each year, I read with pride the words that my husband so eloquently wrote. Thank you Bryan and Quent for giving us all something wonderfully positive to share with each other.

My goal is to circulate both the image and the letter around the world this week. The world needs more Rational Art and we aim to provide it. Feel free to blog, Tweet, e-mail or Facebook the link. We appreciate your assistance in getting this image to anyone who will benefit from seeing it.

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Steve D'Ippolito said...

I had not read Quent's letter before. Needless to say he nailed it. "No coincidence," indeed!

I got to go to the top of one of the towers in "tourist mode" in the early 1980s; of course I had no idea that twenty years later they would be gone.

That morning I was starting work on my house; that day was my waste plumbing inspection. I was lucky that they did not recall the inspectors and send them home, but in any case it's one of those ironies of life that I was building in a small way while others were destroying on so horrible a scale.

It is unfortunate that the US has done far too much of the wrong things (at the cost of way too many good American and Allied lives), and far too little of the right things, to ensure that this will not happen again.