Sunday, June 28, 2009

When It's Really Hot Bubbles Hit The Spot

We've had a couple of real scorchers in Napa this week. Yesterday the thermometer in our car said that it was 108. Geez Louise, that's hot! It was supposed to be warmer today, but I don't think the mercury had the energy to climb that high again.

We don't often see temperatures like that so air-conditioning is not needed most of the year. This weekend was definitely an exception.
I think what we should have done was found some wonderfully cold bubble like the ones in Thomas Arvid's painting "Something Worth Celebrating." Just looking at this wonderful work of art makes me feel cooler already. :) Offered as a limited-edition canvas print, signed and numbered by the artist, this affordable luxury will serve as a constant reminder to celebrate the good times and enjoy life!

We have so much to celebrate. Our lives, our families, our beautiful gallery and you, our adoring fans. ;)

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