Friday, November 21, 2008

Welcome Back!

We are very fortunate to have two celebrities back in the gallery again. My wonderful husband and "Spring Dance" by Karl Jensen. Each has me smiling with their presence.

Quent has returned to the easel and is painting in the gallery on the weekends much to the delight of our gallery guests. He is currently working on two small wine country themed pieces. And with all of the surrounding inspiration, who could blame him.

"Spring Dance" has been a very special part of the gallery for many years. When I arrived in Burlingame nearly 6 years ago, "Spring Dance" was there and one of the first QCFA sculptures that I fell in love with. We used her image in advertisements for the gallery and enjoyed how the neighborhood children would respond to her when they walked by with their parents. We eventually sold that casting and have since missed having her about. I could hardly wait for her to be uncrated when she arrived recently. She is every bit as lovely as I remember.

Autumn is in full swing in wine country. The grapes have all been picked, the rains have arrived and the ornamental pear trees outside the gallery have shed most of their leaves. Soon all that will be left are the twinkle lights that illuminate the sidewalk in the evenings. The tourists and locals have traded in their shorts and flip-flops for sweaters and scarves and their evening strolls for fireside chats. As a result, we are no longer keeping the extended evening hours on the weekends but we gladly make the gallery available by appointment most anytime.

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