Friday, October 10, 2008

Attitude Adjustment

This morning I found myself enjoying one of my favorite paintings by my wonderful husband. "Molly's Swing" hangs in the living room of our new home. While relaxing by the fire, and enjoying the warmth and aroma of the cup of coffee I held in my hands, I recalled the day that Quent gave me this beautiful print. I had admired it for so long and now it was mine. It's not the original painting, (that is proudly displayed in the home of our friends in the East Bay) but it is one of my favorite possessions.

Rather than dwell on what's happening to the US economy these days, I'm choosing to take the high road and appreciate who I am and how Quent and I are able to provide such a wonderful uplifting place for our fans and customers around the world. When I need an attitude adjustment or a change of atmosphere, I often find myself longing for a hammock on a sunny beach, (cabanna boy optional) along with a pitcher of tropical refreshment and some homemade guacamole. Relaxing on a hammock in Puerto Vallarta is not an option this week, but being in the same room with "Molly's Swing" can transport me to a happy place in my mind's eye. A beautiful place where I can enjoy the wind in my hair, the beautiful scenery at hand and the freedom to enjoy my moment, my day, my life. Today's strife can wait until after I enjoy this pleasure.

We've had a few Napans (that's what we call the locals around here) stop by the gallery for their attitude adjustments this week too. Just crossing our threshold can be a breath of fresh air, especially for some of our neighbors in the banking and investment businesses. Quent Cordair Fine Art is and will always be a warm and inviting place; one that can offer temporary refuge from all of the current economic nonsense and help one remember that life is wonderful and should be celebrated.

We'll all get through this mess at hand, but in the meantime, Quent and I are happy to share our sunlit world with those of you who share our passion for beautiful art. Consider gifting yourself something wonderful from the gallery; you deserve it. If an original work of art is outside the current budget, consider one of our very affordable fine art prints on canvas. The artists will appreciate it and so will we. Most importantly, you will add something wonderfully positive to your life that you can treasure and enjoy for years to come.

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Warren said...

For me the Burlingame gallery was like a "safe house." I frequently went there just for a "time out" from the craziness of this world. Being with Linda and the art for a short time would recharge me so I could go back at it.

Alas, Napa is too far for such casual visits but we'll get there when we can and count on the web site between times -- and of course the dozen or so items we've brought home from the Cordairs.